Westerlicht Wheat

This beer is inspired by traditional German wheat beers and made in our tiny brewery in Edinburgh. Westerlicht Wheat is a refreshing straw-coloured beer with flavours of spice and banana, which are typical of this style. Best enjoyed in the sun.
5.6% ABV

Baltic Porter

A mix of four different specialty malts provide this beer with a rich, dark colour, medium body and complex flavours such as chocolate, roasted coffee and liquorice. Baltic Porter is one of our favourite styles, which combines the smoothness of a porter with the clarity of lager yeast.
7.4% ABV

Pale Ale

This beer strikes the balance of bitter and sweet with US hops for a refreshing flavour. Easy, satisfying and sessionable.
4.2% ABV

Raspberry Sour

Kettle soured with lactobacillus and fruited with raspberry puree, providing a beautiful pink colour and refreshing tart flavour. The sharpness of the beer is balanced with wheat malt to soften mouthfeel, and a pinch of salt to enhance the sweetness of the fruit.
4.2% ABV

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