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After home brewing for seven years, we (Kat & Jimmy) set up Stenroth Brewing in 2019 from our home in Edinburgh. Essentially a “bedroom-brewery”, we use our 60 litre kit to make beers with thought. Stenroth is an old family name that means ‘stone root’.

We were really fortunate to be involved with the Women in Beer festival in October 2019 where our first beer, Raspberry Sour, was pouring at the Stockbridge Tap and the positive feedback was incredibly encouraging. Since then we’ve had launch events at the Machair (Glasgow) and the Stockbridge Tap. Our beer has also been available at Lost In Leith, Portobello Tap, The Ben Nevis (Glasgow) and Brewdog Lothian Road.

Whilst we were getting beers out in keg from our home brewery we were also working on finding premises to expand operations. In early 2020 we found a really cool space in the gym of an old converted school and started making big plans for building our brewery there. The day that we were due to sign the lease, the country went into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We paused all expansion plans and had to pull out of the premises discussions while we assessed the impact that this has on the brewing and hospitality industries (and will continue to have). This was a really difficult decision to make but we’ve used the time to re-evaluate what we want to do and how we want to do it – which we’ll share more detail on in future blog posts.

As a result we’re on the hunt for premises again, preferably in Leith. Leith is our stomping ground and is continuing to be a hub of beer and brewing in the city. We’re looking for an industrial unit to house a 10bbl kit with capacity for a taproom. Our plan is to set the brewery up as a workers’ co-operative meaning that it will be owned and managed collectively by its workers. At the heart of the brewery is care. We want to provide space for local groups to meet, work with homebrewers and help build a community that looks after each other.

It’s going to take some time to bring this to real life so please follow along the journey with us on our social media.

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